Demolition is an Art. We Master it !!!

Remote Demolition

EDIFICE Engineering an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company is a demolition contractors company into various special demolition techniques for various applications. We have with time tried to get technologies to India to help accelerate demolition time keeping in mind the economics of time and money in place.


Listed below are various techniques for different applications


  1. Robotic Machines for primary and secondary demolition
  2. Pile Crusher / Breakers
  3. Hydro Demolition
  4. Concrete Trenching
  5. Road Demolition by Drum Cutters – Removing layers of roads, bridges etc
  6. Chimney Demolition – By Crane & Wrecking Ball Method
  7. Mass Demolition


Remote Demolition - ROBOTIC MACHINES

Advantages & Applications:


  1. Light weight and hence can be taken to any levels/height of the structures
  2. Crusher and hydraulic Breakers can be attached to the machines
  3. Jobs in confined area can be managed easily
  4. Fast output with no labour intervention hence safety
  5. Only operator and helper at the site of demolition
  6. Compact and sturdy machines





Advantages & Applications

  1. The most economical method of pile dismantling
  2. Can be used on piles upto 2M dia
  3. Extremely fast method
  4. Leaves the rods in place for pile cap construction
  5. Time and Labour saver
  6. Ideal for large projects



Hydro Jet Demolition


Hydro Demolition is non-destructive, non-impact, structurally safe concrete removal method


Advantages of this Method

  1. Most suited for removal of deteriorated reinforced concrete
  2. Cleans the rusted rods and leaves them in place
  3. Can be used for spot removals accurately


Limitations of this Method

  1. Can be effective only for shallow depths
  2. Requires a large volume of water(200lpm)
  3. High Capital equipment cost


  • Not suitable for indoor work
  • Fixed width and depth
  • Cannot do deep trenching
  • Noise and dust is generated
  • It can be used for Road Demolition



Chimney Demolition – By Crane and Wrecking Ball Method


  • Suitable for weak and dilapidated structure
  • Suitable for structures in open areas
  • Extremely Fast
  • High Cost of Mechanical Crane





Mass Demolition

Excavation of Hard Rock where blasting is not possible using the hydraulics of the excavator.




  • Land Development
  • Road Construction
  • Metro Stations
  • Building Foundations



  • Silos
  • Chimneys
  • Cooling Towers & Overhead Water Tank
  • Multi Storied Building & Redevelopment Projects
  • Industrial Structures, Plants & Factories
  • Rescue Operations in Disaster Management
  • Bridges, Dams, Elevated Corridors
  • Railway Over Bridges
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