Demolition is an Art. We Master it !!!

Demolition Contractors

Edifice Engineering an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company was established in November 2011 as a Partnership firms purely into contracting of Building& Concrete Demolition Jobs. It specializes in High Reach Demolition using Jaw Crushing Technology& Building Demolition. We undertake demolition contract for demolition and dismantling of buildings, plants, factories, Silos, Bridges, Pools, Dams, structural alterationsand Over-head Water Tank. etc.


Demolition Contractor

Our core activities or services involves the following


  1. Building Demolition
  2. High Reach Demolition
  3. High Reach Demolition
  4. High Reach Demolition
  5. Pile Breaking / Trenching in Concrete
  6. Wall sawing / Wire Sawing / Floor Sawing
  7. Concrete Bursting / Splitting and Hand Crushing
  8. Electrical Breakers and Manual Breaking


Our aim is to provide service to the demolition industry with SAFER, FASTER & ECONOMICAL SOLUTIONS… for demolition.



Jigar Chheda, Partner at Edifice Engineering an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company has established Divya Construction in 2004 as a sole Proprietor with previous experience as a Civil Contractor for green field projects. He started activities such as Drilling & epoxy Grouting for structural repairs and strengthening and then widened his horizon in core Cutting & Breaking activities. He then entered in controlled demolition market with Wall Saws, Wire Saws & Floor saws in 2007. He also ventured in Concrete Bursting, concrete Splitting and Hand Crushers.


Today with the amount of machineries he has to execute the above Jobs, he is one of the biggest diamond service contractors in Mumbai with a big list of clientele across Mumbai. He is also a core member of the Concrete Cutting Association of India.


With his immense practical knowledge on alternations of structures his accumen of understanding of tall stuructures before demolition can be of atmost importance in order to decide on the sequence & the right method of demolition.



Uttkarsh Mehta, Partner at Edifice Engineering an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Mumbai with a Post Graduate degree in Marketing Management and diploma in Foreign Trade. With a flair for Sales & Marketing, he brings along with him a 12 years of varied experience in different industries ranging from Fabrication Industry to Sugar machineries to construction Machineries and Chemicals. Before being a Partner at Edifice Engineering he was working with HILTI INDIA PVT. LTD. as an Area Sales Manager,leading sales for the western part of Mumbai.


In his stint as a manager he was in direct contact with Builders, Developers, Contractors and Infrastructure giants and the business relations he has been able to maintain shall be of immense support to the demolition Industry.


His technical acumen on machineries being a Mechanical graduate shall be of great help to maintain the machineries in order for them to have the minimum breakdown period. His fresh thoughts to the Industry shall give direction to otherwise an un-organized Industry.



  • Silos
  • Chimneys
  • Cooling Towers & Overhead Water Tank
  • Multi Storied Building & Redevelopment Projects
  • Industrial Structures, Plants & Factories
  • Rescue Operations in Disaster Management
  • Bridges, Dams, Elevated Corridors
  • Railway Over Bridges
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