Demolition is an Art. We Master it !!!

Plant Demolition

We specialise in Plant Dismantling & Demolition of various mangnitude which include Concrete or Structural Sheds, Administrative Buildings, Silos, Chimney, Water tanks, Cooling Towers.



House Demolition

Edifice undertakes Building Demolition of Houses, Buildings ranging from 2 storeys to high rise buildings. We provide customised solutions for high rising buildings & tall structures.



Bridge Demolition

We undertake demolition of railway over bridges, elevated corridors, quality rejected segments of overhead bridges.



Pool Demolition

We can also demolish swimming pools using small machines for faster output.



Dam Demolition

We undertake demolition of Dams for government & semi government bodies.





  • Silos
  • Chimneys
  • Cooling Towers & Overhead Water Tank
  • Multi Storied Building & Redevelopment Projects
  • Industrial Structures, Plants & Factories
  • Rescue Operations in Disaster Management
  • Bridges, Dams, Elevated Corridors
  • Railway Over Bridges
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