Demolition is an Art. We Master it !!!

Recycle Concrete

What is Construction Waste?


  • Any materials generated arising from construction activities.
  • Insert & Non-Inert
  • Inert-Concrete, Tiles, Bricks, Sand, Rubbles, etc.,
  • Non-Inert – Plastics, Timbers, Papers, Metals, etc.


Reasons Contributing to construction & demolition waste


  • General and inevitable wastes from Greenfield construction sites, due to poor planning.
  • Wastes from repair and renovation of etc
  • Demolition of buildings and structures for redevelopment functional change or enhancement.
  • Demolition of buildings for structural reasons.
  • Buildings affected by natural or manmade disasters.
  • Improvement of infrastructure like road, airports etc.


Construction and demolition materials


Urban Development

Site Clearance




Amongst the construction waste

  • Some can be reused
  • Some can be recycled
  • Some can be used in producing energy
  • Remain goes to Landfill


We at Edifice are a demolition contracting company-providing solutions for concrete recycling and resizing of concrete aggregates. We can provide solutions for small as well as large volumes of concrete aggregates.


Crushing Bucket

Powerscreen Recycling Crusher

Mobile Crusher 1

Mobile Crusher 2



Mobile Crusher for crushing demolition debris



Recycling process of C&D materials


  1. Preparation of incoming material
  2. Primary Crushing
  3. Removal of impurities
  4. Secondary crushing
  5. Sleving and stock piling
  6. Testing for compliance and distribution



  • Silos
  • Chimneys
  • Cooling Towers & Overhead Water Tank
  • Multi Storied Building & Redevelopment Projects
  • Industrial Structures, Plants & Factories
  • Rescue Operations in Disaster Management
  • Bridges, Dams, Elevated Corridors
  • Railway Over Bridges
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