Jaw Crushing

Jaw Crushing is a technology to demolish concrete structures where we see congestion of place, less vibrations as compared to breakers, more production per day, approved technology across the globe, completely safe as less flying falling debris, economical technology also known as shear Combi- Cutters.

Being a demolition contractors company for Jaw Crushing in India we see a high demand for this technology in India in the near future and shall remain as one of the best technologies to demolish structure for years.

We as contractors master this technology as we have the best in class crushers from Italy and Korea and they are sturdy and maintenance free hence we have fewer breaks down while executing contracts. This technology also has steel cutters also known as shear cutters for demolition of structural steel sheds, thin plates etc..

It is almost vibration free and does not damage the adjoining structure incase any. Concrete crushing and steel cutting is a simultaneous activity.

Dust Suppression System

The dust boss will help stabilize surface dust and prevent airborne migration of dust during crushing of concrete.


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